What Drops Now is a Highsnobiety curated platform that provides a uniquely editorialized shopping experience. Limited edition sneakers, avant-garde high fashion, affordable on-trend pieces and innovative lifestyle accessories sit side-by-side in an easy to use, filterable stream that allows users to follow brands, like products and share them with their friends.


  • 50% of What Drops Now users come back at least 4 times per month and 10% return 10+ times per month
  • 49% USA, 20% UK, 18% EU, 13% APAC
  • 85% male

Target Group

  • Influencers
  • Early adopters
  • Fashion/style savvy
  • Online shoppers
  • Sneaker collectors


Total Reach

  • 500k+ visitors / month
  • 4:20 min. average dwell time
  • 110k registered members


  • 48k trackable conversions a month


  • What Drops Now is generating up to 8k buy clicks to retailers per day
  • A single What Drops Now product feature can get up to 3k+ buy clicks to a single retailer